SOS-What_Time_Is_ItDo you know what time is best for you?

I guess it depends on what I’m talking about.  The best time to sleep?  The best time to talk with me?  The best time for me to focus and work?  The best time for me to relax and cut up?  Those might all vary to a greater or lesser degree.

Let me start with the main intention.  When is your best time to get the most important things in your day done?  For me, the early morning is my time of focus and when I feel the most alert and thoughtful.  Also for me, my day job isn’t where my passion, focus, and interests are.  I am currently working so that I can live and provide.  My work is not exactly aligned with my greatest desires.  I’m going to hazard a guess that this is true for many of you too.

If you are in my boat (or one like it), your time of focus is very limited.  I have maybe 2 hours before I go to work and about 5 hours afterwards that aren’t taken up by mundane activities like eating, commuting, or sleeping.  Of those, just the 2 morning hours are best for me to focus.  My other 5 are used for social activity, commitments made, and available family time.  This is all not counting weekends, the game changes there and maybe that’s a whole different topic for discussion.

Whatever you determine to be the time that’s good for you.  My question is – is it good for you time?  What are you doing with those times?  For example there is a well known public speaker named Dennis Waitley who says that he wrote his book and developed his life philosophy and thoughts during what he called “prime time.”  Prime time for him was in the evening when friends and family were locked in to the television.  And action taken little and often produced a new adventure for him.  It may not take all your time, it may not have to be every day.  But that directed focus ratcheting things forward will have it’s results.

Maybe you haven’t even realized that you have that little actual time in your day to focus on things that matter to you.  But if you want to accomplish a task, have a conversation, or – and this is a lost art – simply take some time to think about things.  Your life, your plans, your situation.  Use that time when you are at the top of your game.  However if you don’t know when that is, you will not be able to put it to use.

So if you don’t know if you’re an early bird or a night owl try them both out and see which one works best for you.  For me, as I said, it’s the morning, so if you send me a message late at night, you can expect a response in the morning when you get up.  Hey, now we could drift into talking about time shifting, but I’ll save that for another time.

So do you already know what time is good for you?  Are you going to have to figure it out?  Let me know how that goes for you and how you could tell which was best.  OK?