This is my third attempt to get a post up onto the blog. My original topic has left my mind as I’ve been trying to figure out a way to accomplish this task.
There are many skills to be learned that can be an asset to us and serve us well in life. As I kept trying different things I came up with this idea, and I asked myself – can a person learn to be more resourceful? Or do some people have this as a trait and others don’t? In fact there are many abilities that could be considered traits of a person… but are they really?

Let me just think of a few of the top of my head: resourcefulness, leadership, decision making, empathy, enthusiasm, organization. These are all characteristics that we have or we admire in others if they have them.

But if you fall short in these things, are you just left on the sidelines resigned to the fact that you aren’t meant to possess them? I am of the opinion that there are many things that we assume just aren’t part of our nature and we will have to live without or compensate for. What do we base this assumption on?

I like to use piano playing as an example. I don’t play, but I’ve seen many people do it. Even great concert performers – it doesn’t look that hard, really. You just sit down and rub your hands over the keys. But when you try it, it doesn’t produce the sounds your expecting. I guess I wasn’t born with the piano playing trait.

But who is? It takes desire and lots of time practicing and the ability to play is only an ability because there was the investment in skill building. Now some people are gifted and start off with a bang and progress rather rapidly to mastery of the skill. Others (probably most) start off botching up the rudimentary exercises and sounding pretty pathetic. But with perseverance and maybe some help from a piano teacher or two, achieve a level of competence that would appear to be a trait or ability they naturally possessed.

There are many skills available to us that will make our life’s journey easier. The first step we need to take is to accept the fact that we can obtain these skills. They are not delivered in the DNA of some as a gift and just outside the reach of the rest of us. They are skills that can be acquired with the desire and the effort to go after them.

What abilities do you feel you lack? Oh and here’s a question for you to ponder – should we even focus on skills we lack? Are we better served to enhance our strengths, or to try to turn around our weaknesses? What do you think about our abilities being merely (merely?) trained up skills?

I’d love to enter into a discussion with you about this. Leave me a comment just below.

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