Just getting started.
We are headed into the month of November, the seasons are in full display.  Our tree in the back yard that runs right up against the house was so confused that it was budding, while the huge burning bush we have in the front went in two days from a gigantic fireball of crimson to a tangly mass of twigs.  The year is winding down.

As the winds pick up and the temperature drops, it almost seems natural to pull your coat a little tighter and turn in on yourself philosophically as much as physically.  This year is almost spent, where did it go?  By that I mean, what did you do with it?  More personally what did I do with it?  It is a natural time to ask those type of questions.  Recounting and tracking the past are good and worthy exercises.

However, this becomes little more than reminiscing if we don’t take what we gather and direct that knowledge towards plans for the future.  Now is the time to begin planning.  It is time to maneuver our thoughts to be in position to launch out into the new year.

I keep looking for the ideal place to chronicle my steps.  I want a place that I can access online, because it makes it easy for me to get to.  I also have determined to keep it public so that I can be held accountable for my determinations and so that my mistakes can be learned from by more than just me.  I’ve tried a number of things, but blogging just seems to be such a natural fit for this kind of activity.

In keeping with the nautical theme that I’ve found to help express many of the things I’ve learned or am learning, we’re going to call these types of posts the Captain’s Log.  I started by getting this site up – this is probably the 4th incarnation of setofsail.com and the theme was just found off the Internet, it’s nothing specialized.  But it gives me a visual of where I’m headed.  Setting sail.  Launching out.  In motion.  It’s a start. And as you can see from the picture, it could well be a rocky start!

I invite you to come along with me.  See how things grow and change and be encouraged.  What I want you to see is that I’m not perfect, but I’m on the move.  I especially want you to get the sense that I have nothing that you yourself can’t have.  You can launch out on your own journey.  We can be fellow travelers.  I invite you to come along with me and let’s see what we can see.