This is an illustration from a book I read. Illustrations have a lasting effect and help us to cement a concept into our brains so we can retain in for a long, long time. The principle is a combination of “get up and do something” and “it’s really hard to keep at it.”

Here’s the basic premise – try this challenge: Pick an activity to engage in. Make it a relatively small or insignificant one. For example, decide to pick up a piece of clutter and put it in it’s place. Or how about emptying a trash can, or doing one push-up, or even moving a paper clip from one location on a desk to another. Once you’ve decided on a task, see how many days in a row you can consistently complete that tiny task. It sounds easy, but try it and you might find it’s harder to remember, or to rationalize why you’re persisting.

You see, for me it’s the starting that’s the problem so I haven’t even faced the persistence issue yet! But I have decided that there are a few things that, no matter how senseless they seem, I’m going to endeavor to do and track my progress. Don’t worry, I’ll update you on how it’s going. Consider it a practice run to launching out.

Why don’t you try it yourself? Let me know if you can pick something minuscule to do, and then tell me your record for how many days (or time periods if you are doing it weekly or hourly or whatever you decide) in a row that you can keep it up. I’d be curious to see what kind of records can be made and broken.