SOS-Jujitsu So I’ve talked a bit about akrasia before.  Procrastination is one form of akrasia that I recently noted on Facebook is one of my super powers.  Or maybe it’s a weakness, I’m not sure.

But if procrastination is a problem for you, then here’s a little tip you might enjoy.  Let’s look at what’s going on when you procrastinate.

You are basically trying to put off doing something that needs to be done by finding other things to occupy your time.  This is what we mean when we’re too busy to do something.  You filled your time with something else and there was not enough time left to do the referred to task.

If you are this brand of ackratic – then you know what I’m talking about.  So instead of looking at the looming thing that really needs to get done, let’s look at this filler stuff.  What could it be, video games?  That book?  Um, speaking of book Facebook’s a filler par excellence.  Some people, I’ve been told, actually go into house cleaning mode for filler activity.  Now to me, that’s extreme!  What would happen if you instead replaced that filler, those task avoidance activities with other activities that you’ve been needing to do.

So here’s an example.  There’s a task I’ve been avoiding, and I’ve enjoyed watching myself go through mental gymnastics to avoid accomplishing it.  Last night was very bad.  So bad in fact that I made the statement that I’d really like to do some blogging.  So I decided to look in the mirror at me looking in the mirror of some of the crazy things we do to satisfy the now us at the expense of the future us.

Ah, but there’s the pivot point!  I really do want to get to blogging.  But then the excuses why and the procrastination starts up again.  Only your mind can only do so many iterations of this (like Inception).  So the inner avoidance of blogging is much weaker because my mind is so busy avoiding that much more imposing task.  So you pivot on that and actually use the filler time of the big task you are trying to get away from and actually do something you’ve been putting off for a long time.

And now there’s this blog post!  In the flesh (well, in the electrons!)!  Isn’t that cool how that works?

Now if you want to take this to the expert level.  You have a list of smaller tasks that you are avoiding and you whip this out when you need filler from a big task and you can knock out a bunch of stuff in your attempts to not do what you really need to be doing!  You can use procrastination (and akrasia in general) as a super power.

Tell me how that works for ‘ya.