Are there times when you can’t see your way through? When you aren’t sure where you are going? Or maybe there are times when you don’t even know where you are! How do you navigate through times like these?

Since our sense of sight is so integrated with everything we do each day, we not only depend upon it – we definitely take it for granted.

So what do you do when your sight is clouded by situations, such as weather, or by natural deterioration or injury?

We are left to rely on instruments. The most common would be corrective lenses for our eyesight. But there are also navigational instruments like the compass and the sextant to help us figure out where we are so we can know where to strike out towards where we want to be.

I plan on putting together a series of posts to expand on this idea and see where it takes us. What lessons can be learned? What applications can be made to help make sense out of our lives? We will see.

If you have any ideas or thoughts or suggestions of your own, I’d love to hear them.