I am trying to get organized around here.  There needs to be places to stow things away as well as shelves to set things out for display.  Now that I have the podcast episodes coming out fairly regularly, I didn’t want to mess up the main stream with random and mundane musings.  So I set up a log; appropriately titled the Captain’s Log (would you use a semi colon there?  A comma just didn’t look right… anyway).

I’ve been looking for a place to just enter a quick note that is public enough that I feel that I’m accountable to the wide open Internet, but out of the way enough that it’s not bothering anybody.  Talk about schizophrenic goals!  I’ve tried other things: dedicated sites, third party hosting, and even software in the cloud.  None of these seemed to work.  And since Set of Sail is themed on helping a community to “journal the journey” together, why not put my journey out there as ‘Exhibit 1′?

Well that’s the idea behind this anyway.  Maybe I’m making too big of a deal about this.  Now if only I can get Posterous to recognize this setup I’ll be rockin’.