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It’s now May and I actually published a first newsletter.  I’m not saying this because I’m particularly proud of myself, but I’m just surprised at how high the barrier to action can become.

Originally, I was wanting to publish on April 1st.  That way any failure could be seen as a joke.  But that didn’t happen and I just committed to myself that I was going to put something out in April.  I did publish just before 11pm on April 30th.

The weekend before, April 28 – 29, on Sunday morning my computer just “popped” and died.  Well, there goes last minute preparations.  But I actually went down in the basement and gathered together three of the four dead PC’s down there and scavenged parts until I came up with a working power supply and was back in business by the evening of Monday the 30th.

So the editing didn’t get done like I wanted; the formatting didn’t get done like I wanted; the style of having shorter snippets with links back to the blog to keep the newsletter from looking like a novella didn’t get figured out; and the Google analytics didn’t get set-up.  But it got out.

So what can be said for incomplete and imperfect action?  It’s done.  This opposed to planned perfect action that isn’t done.  This is an exercise in moving from “ready, aim, aim, aim, aim….” to “ready, fire, aim, fire, aim, fire”.  Do you see the difference?  Do you understand the difference?  We’ll talk about this some more, but do you have experience with this phenomenon?  Share your thoughts, I’m in the mood to learn.

Now I missed a tax reporting deadline, so I better go clean up that mess.  I also didn’t put as much time into the budgets for May as I wanted to.  Oh, and there’s the Bible study tonight – I guess I’ll be brushing up on that over lunch today.  So how many other things got pushed off to make one thing happen?  It would seem there are trade-offs that are made.  What is the best way to decide which should be traded and which should be elevated to doing status?  We’ll talk more about this.  I think Mark may have a few things to say on this topic.