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I had a thought on how to express the fact that no one is perfect, it goes like this.

I once came across a group of perfect people, unfortunately they wouldn’t let me join them.  I won’t bother telling you about them, because they wouldn’t let you join them either.
Is that mean to say?  Or does it help bring home the point that I’m not perfect, and it’s likely that you aren’t either.  Does it have the right impact.
I am paralyzed by the concept of perfection.  I struggle to produce an article, book, picture, audio, video, or software program, because “it could’ve been better.”  That kind of attitude keep great thoughts and ideas from being shared into the marketplace.  The ability to get something “good enough” and get it out there, along with self-discipline and consistency… wow I have some things to work on in my life.  Hey, how about a better attitude, a cheery disposition, and a little less grumbling and complaining while you’re at it?
Is that too much to ask?

This episode is a bit of an experiment. I was out of town when the podcast was scheduled to air, so I pre-recorded it and scheduled it to post at the regular time. I’m very excited to see how that turns out. That means if I got really organized I could schedule lots of things out in advance. Hmm, how does one become organized to do such things? Maybe we’ll find out! Take a listen.

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